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September 26, 2013

I drew this a while ago, but felt inspired today to post it:

032913 Aging



January 31, 2010

Self portraits are difficult, but I’m getting better at getting the true depth of my nose.

The Beautiful Ones

January 15, 2010

Me singing Prince's "The Beautiful Ones," and a person off-strip during down my advances.

Props to Kazu Kibuishi, who wrote this nice little comic guide here. The Photoshop tips were especially useful.

Affordable Quality Education

January 11, 2010

Well, it turns out I am no good at writing legibly, so I think for the time being I’ll cheat with photoshop…


It turns out not only did I pass the classes, I made the Dean’s list. Still doesn’t say much for the educational process.

Life’s Downward Spiral

January 9, 2010

Guy in nightgown, curled up in the fetal position, head on pillow, with alternating black and white swirl backdrop.

*UPDATE* Rather than make people suffer through my bad penmanship, I just used a comic font instead.