PIX 2011 Day 2

I stayed up most of last night and some of this morning to work on a sampler to distribute amongst the people tabling at PIX:

(Also did laundry, which appears in the lower right corner of the photo) I guess I miscounted the number of people because I blew through these in like 15 minutes. My goal was to talk to people, but I failed at small talk, which as I said at the back of this sampler “I couldn’t mingle my way through a wet paper bag.”

Thanks to Drawing Words & Writing Pictures. Without their mini-making guide and their scanning guide, it would have been a lot more difficult. It would have been easier to reproduce elsewhere, but my old Laser Jet 5 stood up the task, only jamming once or twice. Luckily it was only a three page, double-sided spread or else it could have been disastrous.

Also got more comics:

Met some more seemingly cool people, if only briefly. A lot of people from Ohio. Hopefully some of them get in touch or follow me or link me to their own web presences.

Thanks for the people that organized this. I could have potentially felt more miserable this weekend if my time wasn’t occupied screwing around with manual duplexing and making mockups of my mini.

Oh yeah, another highlight… I happened to get into the elevator with John Porcellino and all I know about him is that he’s a prolific comic artist and was like the headliner guest. I gave him a copy of The Sampler and the back cover got a chuckle out of him.


2 Responses to “PIX 2011 Day 2”

  1. Matt Says:

    What a haul! It’s pretty awesome that you ran out of samplers so fast. Hopefully it’ll bring some new eyes to your site and your comics (which are super-rad). And you saw Porcellino?! That’s so crazy/cool. I just got “King-cat Classix” for my birthday and it’s really good. I have a feeling you’d really like his stuff.

    • Pierce Says:

      I got an issue of King-cat and I did enjoy it. Noah Van Sciver was in a panel and then I remembered where I recognized the guy from. He probably gets cross posted a lot on Noah’s and Sam Spina’s site. I could have told him I semi-followed the Denver comic scene!

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