PIX 2011

I bought a lot of comics today, like a day’s worth of hourly labor at the Pittsburgh Indy Comics Expo 2011.

Also got this cool caricature of myself from Nil’s balls of skeletonballs.com. It only cost 25 cents! I think it does a good job of capturing my intensity and my male pattern baldness. Thanks Nil!


Just noticed that caricature was drawn on a Marlboro Cigarette carton; way to reuse!


On another note, kind of fitting that my 50th comic left on an insecure note.

Nothing like my other comics… Anyhow, more self-loathing to come.

On a sad note, not unlike the rest of my comics, I have misplaced a pad of penciled work with a decent amount of comics which just needed to be inked, so that sucks. Not sure if I’ll bother to re-pencil the work I lost, even though some people have asked for some of the work it contained.


3 Responses to “PIX 2011”

  1. Matt Says:

    Whoa. That is A LOT of comics. I’m jealous… And sorry about your missing sketchbook. That sucks.

  2. Nick Marino Says:

    A shit ton of comics! Dude, those sandwiches you brought rocked the house. Totally changed my life. We gave you a huge shout out in today’s Sequential Underground podcast.

  3. Pierce Says:

    Yeah, thanks man, I listened to it while I was on my lunch break earlier today

    Thanks again for the hours of entertainment

    They were from Spak Bros by the way, on Penn Ave

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