But It Isn’t

I botched the breasts. My toes look similar to the ones depicted. My middle toes are longer.


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One Response to “But It Isn’t”

  1. Pat Rogers Says:

    Yep, you and everyone else. I don’t know how to say it, but peer acknowledgment, acceptance,…. something like that relives anxiety. This whole site is dedicated to your awkward feelings. Lol relief might be a long time coming. Here’s a funny you might enjoy. “Coming” spelled wrong leads to a spell check that includes “cumming” as the correct spelling. Just further proves you don’t have to be smart to cum. Coupling up comes with some f-up feelings virgins can’t imagine, if it was as great getting a nut every time as I imagined it would be, the world would be a much happier place. Nothing against Jessica or anything, but in general follow your brain not your cock. The rest comes together on its own. You ever see The Jerk with Steve Martin. The similes to my own experience make me laugh, you might get a kick out of it to. Look out for when he says “I found my special purpose!”

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