A Reason To Live

Why are burdens like living, children, and cars called things like gifts and miracles? Dogs and cats also make poor gifts for this reason.



2 Responses to “A Reason To Live”

  1. Spinadoo Matt Says:

    My Dad always said that you work to live, not live to work. Jobs suck. Your comics do not.

  2. Pat Rogers Says:

    Oh shit, I couldn’t sleep and came across this weird web site in my bookmarks. The tortoise strip made me laugh out loud. I even looked closely and saw barbie scrawled across the car in “bad drivers”. Needless to say, your art work has improved. I like the latest minimalist approach, but the strips that had more detail had some great promise. Whats this “burdens like living….” bullshit. Its surprising to hear from someone who works so hard. I agree the last thing anyone really needs is another job. I’m not your father, but I have some pretty strong opinions on this strip. Fuck it, Ill post it. Responsibility is a cornerstone of a mans life. Being able to maintain commitment to responsibility should instill a sense of pride. It really separates the men from the boys. I’m pretty sure at one point or another I picked that up from your father. Its true for women too. Though men are often time the rock in relationships. Maybe that’s not true, I’m just a sexist. Anyway good health and ability are temporary gifts. Seize the day. Man, that’s alot to say. Move closer. I’m checking the notify me boxes.

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