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Whinyness\Pickyness Combined With Good Qualities

August 26, 2010

I haven’t posted in a while for a variety of reasons, including spending a fair amount of time being enthralled by the person depicted in this comic. (Not me, I’ve long gotten over my own self-enthrallment) In such a Pierce fashion, it actually turns out (at least according to her) that the pasta she used was in fact linguine. That being said, I would consume any kind of pasta in your company. Expect an increase in sap, as I’ve got an entire month of backlogged experiences to sketch out and ink. Think of Spina Doodles esque stuff.

On a technical note… I’m not overly fond of the cross hatching I did on the window, nor the disproportionately huge stove in the fist panel, nor my inability to draw feminine features, but I digress. Picky remember?