My Shit “Tutoring” Job

My seminal work. The rough sketch for this was done about two weeks ago, the good sketch about Friday, but I just got around to inking it. Incidentally, yesterday I got a call which leads me to believe I’m going into a meeting to be fired from this very job. The meeting might be worthy of a comic itself. We’ll see.

[Update] I was indeed laid off, but there wasn’t anything cool or dramatic about. They just needed to cut down on staff and apparently I had one of the lowest evaluations, which is interesting, because nobody else at my site was evaluated that I knew of. Ah well, you can see what I thought about the job anyways. Probably a good thing they cut me loose.

[Update 2] Well literally two days after I posted this, the girl portrayed as the new co-worker, did in fact quit! NICE! I’m so… prophetic.


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One Response to “My Shit “Tutoring” Job”

  1. Miles Says:

    You were probably the lowest at the same time as being the highest since you were the only one evaluated.

    Nice work, Pierce. I’m impressed with how much your drawing skills have progressed since you started and that you’re keeping up with the site. I’ve been thinking about starting drawing lately and came to your site for inspiration.

    It’s good to know I still remain a source of inspiration for you as well 🙂


    PS–What is the program you used to illustrate before you started scanning your own drawings? Do you have any artists you are inspired by?

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