Immaculate Conception

This was a quicky to get something out on my usual Friday schedule. I’m working, “working” on a 12 panel comic about one of my jobs. Got it roughed out, but now need to do the actual panels. This particular comic has been waiting to be done since January when I spent about a month with my sister, nieces, nephews, sister’s father, and briefly, brother in law. I racked up about ten “inappropriate things to say to relatives” strip ideas over the span of my visit.

In other news, thanks Matt Graupman. I somehow made it on his coveted (to me anyways) list of great web comics. Even though I know it is in alphabetical order, it still feels weird to be next to John Kinhart who does amazing work. Ha! It was actually my goal to be on that list, so I can cross that off. Now to get something in my local comic book shop… (You know, something good.) Anyhow, thanks again Matt and for your inspiring words.

On a technical note, this comic is one of the few to have my own weirdo handwriting as opposed to some generic comic font I have been using. I bought a set of Staedtler drawing pens. Before I was using sharpies, which bled even on Bristol board and dried a different hue than india ink. So these pens are a vast improvement.

*And yes, we were both created in the image of a noodle*

Forgot to mention: Recently read the short but sweet And My Also, by J Sacher. Still reading Adrian Tomine’s Optic Nerve series. The letters section is pretty weird. The letters all seem to be comprised of stalker\nutcases, people that think he sucks, people that think he is decent but still sucks in some ways, and combinations of all three.


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One Response to “Immaculate Conception”

  1. Spinadoo Matt Says:

    Hey, man, you did all the hard work, making interesting comics. I just try to promote the good stuff. You rule, brother. Keep it up.

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