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My Shit “Tutoring” Job

May 25, 2010

My seminal work. The rough sketch for this was done about two weeks ago, the good sketch about Friday, but I just got around to inking it. Incidentally, yesterday I got a call which leads me to believe I’m going into a meeting to be fired from this very job. The meeting might be worthy of a comic itself. We’ll see.

[Update] I was indeed laid off, but there wasn’t anything cool or dramatic about. They just needed to cut down on staff and apparently I had one of the lowest evaluations, which is interesting, because nobody else at my site was evaluated that I knew of. Ah well, you can see what I thought about the job anyways. Probably a good thing they cut me loose.

[Update 2] Well literally two days after I posted this, the girl portrayed as the new co-worker, did in fact quit! NICE! I’m so… prophetic.



May 21, 2010

To those less than or equal to zero number of you that happen to stumble upon here looking for my weekly update, sorry. I’ve drawn nine out of a total of twelve panels for today’s comic, but due to a variety of factors, didn’t get around to drawing the other three or even starting the inking. And while usually I would burn the compact fluorescent mercury to get them done, right now I’m too agitated. Stayed tuned.

Dare I say it, the finished strip should be worth the wait.

Crotchety Neighbor #1: Moron Drivers

May 14, 2010

Well I thought this was decent, hell, I thought this was GOOD until I received my first bit of feedback from an artist acquaintance:

“Should I feel dumb for not getting the joke?”

But luckily, I know where fault is due.

“No, I should. It’s either due to poor writing or poor drawing.”

Mostly the latter. Ah well. Wasn’t a complete loss. (You know, learning what doesn’t work kind of thing :P)

[Update] 5/21/10 2:42am Irregardless of how this strip was received, I enjoy it.

Immaculate Conception

May 7, 2010

This was a quicky to get something out on my usual Friday schedule. I’m working, “working” on a 12 panel comic about one of my jobs. Got it roughed out, but now need to do the actual panels. This particular comic has been waiting to be done since January when I spent about a month with my sister, nieces, nephews, sister’s father, and briefly, brother in law. I racked up about ten “inappropriate things to say to relatives” strip ideas over the span of my visit.

In other news, thanks Matt Graupman. I somehow made it on his coveted (to me anyways) list of great web comics. Even though I know it is in alphabetical order, it still feels weird to be next to John Kinhart who does amazing work. Ha! It was actually my goal to be on that list, so I can cross that off. Now to get something in my local comic book shop… (You know, something good.) Anyhow, thanks again Matt and for your inspiring words.

On a technical note, this comic is one of the few to have my own weirdo handwriting as opposed to some generic comic font I have been using. I bought a set of Staedtler drawing pens. Before I was using sharpies, which bled even on Bristol board and dried a different hue than india ink. So these pens are a vast improvement.

*And yes, we were both created in the image of a noodle*

Forgot to mention: Recently read the short but sweet And My Also, by J Sacher. Still reading Adrian Tomine’s Optic Nerve series. The letters section is pretty weird. The letters all seem to be comprised of stalker\nutcases, people that think he sucks, people that think he is decent but still sucks in some ways, and combinations of all three.

Late Fees

May 1, 2010

Hmm… this is a little bit different from my posts of late. I actually started off this week going for an Al Ross minimalist approach after reading Cartoon Fundamentals by Al Ross. I think my work has too much detail and not enough good form at this point to even attempt resembling anything by Ross. I’ve also been reading a bunch of kickass work by various artists. Max Estes’ Helllo, Again, Fermin Solis’ One Step after another, Matt Madden’s A Fine Mess #2, Adrian Tomaine’s optic NERVE #1-3; all really great top notch work. That’s in addition to all the web comics I’m reading on a regular basis thanks to Google Reader. I’m going to try and update my side bar sometime soon to reflect who online I’m always reading.

Notes on this strip: I borrowed Pranas Naujkaitis’ annoying customer for my Google Reader screen. I had so many jerks like that when I worked retail. Still a couple every once in a while in tech support. I tried using a brush for the first time a little bit in this strip. Didn’t work so well because I think the brush had some kind of stiff coating on it and I didn’t clean it off before I started inking, and I think it is too big. My closet local art store has been out of ink brushes for ages. I might have to venture a little further out to get some smaller brushes. Also, anybody have any nib care tips? Mine are starting to look like crap. Some rusty, some coated in dry ink. I guess I’m a maintenance slacker.

The latest SAHM talked about a little self doubt:

“I hate to post anything that I’m not completely satisfied with (although, in the interest of full disclosure, I have). It’s in these periods that I begin to question what is the purpose of my artwork. I just want to get my stuff out there and, in fact, I have many more ideas for projects than I have time in which to create. It’s just frustrating.”

I think all non-full-time artists suffer from this feeling. I know if I spent more time revising my own strips I could make better faces and add more details, etc, etc, but I’m also bound for time like Matt.

So I think the choice is between the artist putting out what he wants to say somewhat frequently and the presentation may suffer a little bit with that frequency, and putting out something infrequently with a really really good presentation.

As a reader, I would rather have frequent stuff with imperfections rather than something perfect (near-perfect, nothing is ever perfect) every once in a blue moon. I think that’s part of the medium of comics.

As a quasi-artist, I feel the same way. I rather express myself often, than wait to craft a perfect message. I’m trying to stick with once a week, so that’s still a tad bit infrequent depending on perspective, so I think I’m going to try and get the most bang for my buck with each week’s strip. I think this week’s was a little weaker on substance.

Well if anybody is out there, feel free to comment. Comments are great. Give them whenever you can so artists know their work is actually being consumed by someone besides himself.

*Oh yeah, I was able to renew the books online, which was nice.