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Another Broken Heart

April 23, 2010

This was only the first half of the dream. After that I drove a short distance before hitting a bat falling out of the sky. I kind of stopped and three girls were behind me and one of them asked “Did you just hit a bat?” I tried to park the van, but I think it kept going even in park. (I think Fork Lifts kind of do that.) So I ended up crashing it into another parked van. More like just bumped into. Anyhow, I go to pick up the bat, but I’m kind of worried because I don’t know any wildlife rehabilitater’s numbers. So then some guy and his kids come out of their house and the guy offers to help the bat, but asks me to hold on to his iguana. So I end up with an iguana and a bat and the iguana bites onto the bat’s head. Somehow I get them apart, but then the bat gets onto the iguana’s back and the iguana flies onto a tree branch. And then I think one of the kids tries to get them both down by poking up the tree with a broom. Feel free to explain the symbolism in that.

On a technical note, meh. I’m trying to work on my technical skills, but still want to put stuff out in the meantime. So you’ll have to suspend your disbelief and pretend my hands look like hands. I’m also weak on making faces look like how I want them to look. The woman should have resembled Julian Moore. And that’s supposed to be an old Volkswagon van in the last panel. (Have no idea why I was driving one.) I also did this all on one 9″ x 12″ bristol board kind of like the SAHM’s of late, which I think might be quicker for a piece with a lot of panels, but I can’t do as detailed work as Matt can on that small scale. Ah well. One panel at a time.


Virtual Reality

April 16, 2010

I don’t know what to say. The last two days I had to listen to kids whine that they couldn’t\wouldn’t write three paragraphs for a leading writing prompt that I was forced to give the students. “How has this program been beneficial to you?” On top of that, our “certified teacher\education coordinator” told us after being verbally abused for months that the students “want to respect us.” I WANT to respect my superiors, but the bullshit that comes out of their mouths prevents me from doing so.


I just watched this really kickass piece that relates to video games:

“Society’s obsession with video and online gaming has advanced to the point that virtual environments are indistinguishable from physical ones.”

I wish I could say my video game experience was something different, but I could pretty much relate to all of it.

I Always Wanted To Be

April 9, 2010

Sometimes being cheap has negative consequences. For example, when I started inking several comics ago, I continued to use my sketch paper, rather than use the (relatively) expensive Bristol board that I bought. Big mistake. On this one I did use the Bristol board and it was a WORLD of difference. It’s like the ink actually wanted to get off the nib and on to the paper. And no paper clogging up the nib resulting in me instantly dipping the nib\trying to get the paper out of the nip. Simply put, using the Bristol board is amazing, and I guess I’ll only ink on it from now on.